Welcome to Amigoss – Spanish Speaking Communities Sydney

Aid Migrants of Spanish Speaking, Amigoss Association is a not-for-profit, private organisation of Spaniards, Hispanic-Americans and Spanish lovers founded in Sydney, Australia in 1978.

Throughout the years, the Association has contributed to promoting Spanish cultural achievements, lectures, concerts, as well as other socio-cultural events.

Amigoss Association is run by a committee consisting of the President, Treasurer, Secretary and three Committee members. The Committee is elected every three years at the AGM, and meets monthly at the Amigoss venue.

The organisation holds a charitable fundraising authority under section 13A of the Charitbale Fundraising Act 1991.

The benefits of membership to the Amigoss Association

  • Receive regular emails or letters with our agenda and events calendar.
  • Receive special discounts at our functions, workshops and events.
  • Receive group discounts to concerts, the opera, theatre events …
  • Enjoying our facilities. Amigoss Association premises are open every week day from 10am to 4pm, our members have the benefit of meeting there with other members, watching TV, spending time reading, playing cards or using our free Wi-Fi. Enjoy free tea, coffee and biscuits at our place.
  • Join the Committee and be active in a great team involved in planning and implementing any or all of the above activities.
  • Be part of an amazing and intergenerational community

Let us know what are you interested in, we can help you to organise the activity!